Koppy & Lindamood Concert

Join us for an evening of entertainment by Michael Koppy and Frank Lindamood as a part of our Pioneer Day’s celebration on February 8, 2014.

Just click here to listen to some of Koppy’s famous songs. His Ashmore’s Store album was named The Best Album of 2012 by Country Music People Magazine, the critic going on to describe it as “a work of genius”.

Frank Lindamood is the 62 year old poster child for crafting authentic and traditional sound into new and original song.

Tickets available at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church starting January 7, 2014 at $10.

“Like a professional Johnny Cash, Koppy continually delivers the unexpected, and just plain blows you away.”  – Chicago Midwest Record

“Ashmore’s Store is the Best Album of 2012 and the epic, highly-literate “All in the Timing” is the best song this critic has heard in the past 30 years. This is  great art…a work of genius.” – Country Music People

Frank Lindamood is The Real Deal. This is a rare event-do not miss him!” – Multiple winner Tom T. Hall

“The best Florida Folk Musician alive. Period. End of story.” – Euro-American star Grant Peeples